We are a Document Preparation and Family Mediation Company. We use Florida Supreme Court approved forms we complete with the information you provide. Filing these forms correctly is sufficient to obtain a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage in any Court in the State of Florida.

We also have Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators in our staff to help resolve issues between spouses if there are disagreements.


We are NOT a Law Firm. We DO NOT offer legal representation nor legal advice. We help you complete the documents approved by the Florida Supreme Court by which you and your spouse can obtain a divorce without lawyers.

By working with us you can save enormous amounts of money which can be more productively used to set-up your new family structure, for your children’s education/college tuition or other needs. You can use the money to start your new chapter in life, get the new car you wanted or make that trip you had been dreaming of for so long.